Monday – Friday from 6pm

Saturday & Sunday from 10am


Breakfast Taco… £6.5
A scramble of eggs, chilli, sweet potato, corriander and cheese served in a 7” taco (+ bacon… £1)

Diego brunch burger … £11
A luscious cheeseburger served with ketchup, mustard and pickles with the addition of bacon and a fried egg. Served in a brioche bun with a small side of chips (Get naked… with out the bun)

Avocado poached eggs… £7
Guacamole on sour dough toast served with two poached eggs (+ bacon… £1)

Diego scramble… £6
A scramble of eggs, cheese, chilli, corriander & spinach served on sour dough toast

Corned beef hash… £8
Potato and onion hash friend with corned beef, served with two fried eggs

Chicken hash… £8
Potato and onion hash served with crispy chicken, cheesy sauce and salsa

Cheesy eggs & bacon…. £8
Two poached eggs served on sour dough toast with bacon, drizzled with cheesy sauce

Full cowboy… £9
2 fried eggs, bacon, chorizo sausage, chilli tomato, black beans and sour dough toast

Bacon butty… £4
Bacon served in your choice of a brioche bun or toasted sour dough

Happy Hour Brunch – Saturday & Sunday… buy one get one free on glasses of Prosecco, Bloody Mary & Mimosa

Starters / Sharers / Sides


Tortilla chips served with melty cheese sauce, tomato salsa, sour cream and guacamole

medium… £6
large… £7.50

+ Diego chilli beef , pulled pork or chilli chicken… £1 (small )… £2 (medium)… £2.5 (large)

Double cooked chips… £3.5 
+ cheese… £1.50 / + Diego pulled chilli beef… £2

Guacamole… £4.50
Homemade guacamole served with tortilla dipping chips

Salsa… £3.50
Homemade tomato salsa served with tortilla dipping chips

Diego’s crispy chicken … £6

Chicken strips fried in panko breadcrumbs, served with homemade tomato salsa

Chilli cheese on toast… £5
A grilled, cheesy, chilli topping served on sour dough toast

Corn on the cob … £4
Grilled corn on the cob served with melted butter

Mac n cheese … £6

Macaroni cheese served with jalapeños (+ chorizo…£1)

Pork carnitas tostada … £6
Slow cooked, mexican pulled pork served on a crispy fried taco with homemade tomato salsa

Prawn ceviche… £6
Prawns marinaded in citrus juice with cucumber, red onion, jalepeños and tomatoes served with tortilla chips

Grilled halloumi… £4.50
Slices of halloumi grilled for crispiness

Retro spicy prawn cocktail… £6
Prawns in a slightly spicy cocktail sauce served with guacamole on cripsy lettuce and served with tortilla chips

Diego’s crispy balls … £6
Spicy chicken and cheesy macaroni fried in breadcrumbs & served on paprika mayo

Quesadillas …£6

Flour tortilla toasted with your choice of filling served with a side of sour cream. Choose from…

 cheese, ham and red onion / veggie chilli, rice and cheese / chicken chilli, rice and cheese


Homemade burgers served in a toasted brioche bun + side of chips

Cheeseburger… £9
Melty cheese, pickle, ketchup & mustard

Diego Burger… £10
Melty cheese, pickle, ketchup, mustard & guacamole

Sloppy Diego… £11
Melty cheese, pickle, ketchup, mustard & chilli beef

All-day Brunch Burger … £11
A cheeseburger with bacon & a fried egg

Hot + Dirty Burger… £11

A cheeseburger with cajun fried onions + jalapeños

Mac Daddy … £12
A cheeseburger with guacamole and a mac n cheese croquette

Veggie Mac … £8.5 Mac Daddy without the meat

BLT Burger … £10
Melty cheese, mayo, bacon, lettuce & tomato

Halloumi Burger… £9
Grilled halloumi, tomato, lettuce & guacamole

Mexican Bean Burger… £9
Veggie patty with salsa, sour cream & guacamole

Chicken Burger… £9
Breaded or Cajun chicken breast with tomato, lettuce, mayo & cheese

Get Naked! Any burger above, no bun, all the burger bits served over chips


7” soft corn tortilla…£7.50


Two smaller blue & white soft corn tortillas (gluten free)… £7.50

An open tortilla with cheese, tomato salsa, white cabbage, homemade guacamole and sour cream,
plus one of the llings below…

– Marinated cod
– Slow cooked pulled chilli beef
– Shredded chicken chilli
– Shredded chicken chilli + chorizo – Grilled Halloumi.
– Mexican pulled pork
– Sweet potato + three bean chilli


The one you eat like a sandwich! Served with a small side salad…£7.50

A flour tortilla wrap with black bean rice, cheese, tomato salsa, lettuce, homemade guacamole and sour cream plus one of the fillings below…

– Marinated cod
– Slow cooked pulled chilli beef
– Shredded chicken chilli
– Shredded chicken chilli + chorizo – Grilled Halloumi.
– Sweet potato + three bean chilli

Get Baked!

Any burrito, baked in the oven with cheese then topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa

Get Naked!

Any burrito without the tortilla, served with salad in one big bowl

Other Mains


Fillet… £16 / Sirloin… £15 / Bavette… £11

Served with double cooked chips & salad. Choose your side sauce…

– Chimichurri (garlic, parsley & oregano) / mustard sauce / peppercorn sauce

Chilli with black bean rice & crackers… £9

– Slow cooked pulled beef chilli
– Shredded chicken chilli
– Sweet potato + three bean chilli

Mixed grill… £15
Chorizo sausage, Cajun chicken, steak and two fried eggs served with double cooked chips & a side of chimichurri

Chicken & chorizo stew … £10

served with black bean rice

Fish + chips… £10
Cod fried in panko breadcrubs, served with mushy peas and salsa

Pasta bake

Spicy chicken & cheesy pasta topped with breadcrumbs & cheese….£9

Cajun chicken enchiladas …£9
Cajun chicken, fried onion and black bean rice baked in corn tortillas, topped with melty cheese sauce, salsa, guacamole & sour cream


Lettuce, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, carrot & house dressing of lime, mustard & olive oil

topped with….halloumi… £6.50 / sliced beef steak… £8 / sliced Cajun chicken… £7

Little Amigos

Steak + chips + salad … £5

Crispy chicken + chips + salad … £5

Mac n cheese… £5

Cheeseburger + chips… £5

Cheese + ham quesadilla… £5


Latino Banoffee Pie… £5

(It’s got rum in the cream!)

Churros …£5
Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar served with chocolate dipping sauce

Chocolate fudge brownie … £5

Served with vanilla ice cream (it’s gluten free)

Grown up raspberry ripple… £5

Raspberry liqueur served on vanilla ice cream

Chilli cheese on toast… £5
A grilled, cheesy, chilli topping served on sour dough toast (yes, it’s a dessert!)

Milk & Cookies… £4

Sticky toffee pudding … £5

Served with vanilla ice cream

Banana split… £5
Served with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, squirty cream and chocolate sauce

Ice Cream

3 scoops in a bowl… £4 or cone… £2.5

Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate / Salted caramel / Pistachio / Vanilla / Mint choc chip / Coconut / Strawberry



Bloody Mary… £6

Mimosa… £6

Margarita… £7.5

Moscow Mule… £7.5

Cuba Libre… £6

Mojito… £7.5

Espresso martini… £7.5

Cosmopolitan… £7.5

Screwdriver… £6

Caipirinha… £7.5

Lychee martini… £6

Bath tub gin cocktail… £8.5

Sexy Senorita… £7.5


Sol… £3.5

Corona… £3.5

San Miguel… £3.5

Desperados… £3.5

Curious Brew… £3.5

Peroni £3.5

Abbot Ale… £3.5


Bulmers Original £3.5

Kopperberg (Strawberry + Lime) £3.5

White  Wine

Pinot Grigio… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Spanish Rioja… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Red Wine 

Argentinian Malbec… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Chilean Merlot… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Spanish Rioja… £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £18 (bottle)

Rosé Wine

Pinot Grigio Blush £4.5 (125ml)  £6 (250ml)  £21 (bottle)

Sparkling Wine

Prosecco £6 (glass) £18 (bottle)

Cold Drinks

Orange or apple juice*£3

Detox (apple + ginger + carrot)* £3.5

Pineapple juice £3

Coca cola & diet coca cola £2.5

Sprite £2.5

Iced Tea £2.5

Ginger beer £2.5

Chocolate milkshake £4

Strawberry milkshake £4

Banana milkshake £4

Vanilla milkshake £4

Still water £2 (200ml) £4 (750ml)

Sparkly water  £2 (250ml) £4 (750ml)


Espresso £1.5

Cappuccino £2.5

Black £2.5

White £2.5 Latte £2.5


Latte Macchiato £2.5


Ceylon Orange Pekoe Pettiagala… £2.5

Earl Grey Blue Flower… £2.5

Green, orange and ginger… £2.5

Green Rooibos… £2.5

Juicy Herbal… £2.5

Cocktail Maison… £2.5

Caipirinha… £2.5

Pure  Peppermint … £2.5

English Breakfast… £2.5

Hot chocolate… £2.5

Opening Times

Monday – Friday from 6pm, Saturday & Sunday from 10am

Weekend Happy Hour brunch  10am until 12pm, Saturday and Sunday

Burrito Monday – half price burritos (eat in only)

Taco Wednesday – half price tacos (eat in only)